Thursday, July 21, 2016

Affordable Japanese School Girl Cosplay Skirt - Super Kawaii CUTE

What's up all my cosplay people? Looking for the elusive affordable and high quality school girl skirt to complete your Japanese school girl uniform look? Look no further! I have come across the perfect skirt on Amazon and it comes in a bunch of different patterns including the original navy blue pleated with the white stripes going across the bottom (Which is the one I picked).

This particular skirt I got was only $22! This is a Godsend since nowadays a good quality uniform skirt can run you $35+. The material its made of is 20% cotton and 80% Teylene. It's moderately heavy and feels so comfortable. The skirt is adorable and modest on the body as well. I'm 5'3" and it hits the right length for me. I don't have a white dress shirt but that's pretty much all you need with it plus some cute long socks.

You're bound to find the print you need for your cosplay costume outfit. I even noticed a completely grey version which would be awesome for Bleach Orihime cosplay.

I'm 5'3" and 139 lbs so I went with the size Large. It literally fit me quite perfectly so if you're at my same height and a little over 140 then I would probably go with the X-Large. Don't feel bad as Asian sizing is always a little smaller than USA. Anyway, it's totally gorgeous and is perfect. I would for sure buy again from this same store if I needed another skirt print for a different cosplay.

You can BUY this skirt here on Amazon:

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